How It's Going

Many of you have checked in to see how the bigs are doing attending Sudbury.

They are doing well. Extremely well.

They are both glad to get up and go each day. (Monkey is home with a cold today, but she was sorry to miss.)

They are both figuring out how they fit in, where their skills lie, where they want to develop skills, and what they are thankful for in their lives.

They’ve been fascinated to see how the other students handle the freedom that Sudbury offers. In some cases, the difficulty others have in settling in to a project, for example, brings home to them how much they have learned of themselves and their passions over the years.

We’re still figuring out how to be a smoothly functioning home where everyone pitches in to help. They are mentally, socially, and physically tired when they get home each day. Chores still need to be done.

I still miss having them here. Especially this week when Buds is away for work, my soul feels slightly fractured.

Overall, though, what a joy it is to hear of their adventures and insights. They are using their talents and their experiences to help make Sudbury safe and welcoming and open-hearted.

All is going well.