We Visit Another Hospital

We Visit Another Hospital

Buds and I took a self-guided tour around the hospital near us in Berlin. Not to be outdone, Salzburg decided to show us their healthcare is first class also.

On our return from a day trip, Mom’s right knee decided it was done working for the day. Since we were still a train, a bus ride, and a walk away from our apartment, this was problematic.

Buds and I practiced our firemen’s carry, and Mom is tough as steel, so we managed to hobble our way home. She had to scoot her way up to our apartment by sliding on her butt, but she was amazing.

Though she was hopeful it would magically feel better in the morning, after I talked with our apartment host about our healthcare options, she agreed that going to the hospital that night was our best option.

Knowing me well, Buds laughed when I told her, “I’m sorry you are hurt, but I’m so excited to see how healthcare works here.”

“I knew you were thinking that, Ginnie.”

Our host called a taxi to zip us to the hospital. (Confusingly, he had tried to explain to me that there was a hospital close to us, but if we needed the hospital for accidents it was a different one. Much like the distinction between an apothecary and a drug store, I didn’t understand the difference, so we went to the hospital closest to us.)

We were checked in efficiently and quickly. Everyone spoke outstanding English and was professional, kind, and helpful.

We were happy to find a wheelchair so Mom could finally sit and relax. We’d learned upon listening to her being questioned by the staff that she’d been in considerable pain this whole time.

Yessa went along with us for company, and she had us in stitches.

Shortly after we’d found the random wheelchair, an announcement was made in German over the intercom. Yessa’s eyes got huge and she looked at us on mock-horror.

“They’re asking if anyone’s seen this blue chair?!”

Mom got in to see the doctor after about twenty minutes. Then over for two x-rays of the knee, then back to talk to the doctor.

No bone damage, and no evidence of soft tissue damage. He thinks it’s just bruised.

They gave her a pair of crutches, like these, but bright blue with reflectors.

He prescribed two pain meds, and gave us the directions to an all-night apothecary. The front desk called us a taxi and sent us on our way.

We were in and out within two hours, and the crutches brought immediate relief as Mom was able to take all weight of the right knee.

Total hospital bill was $207 Euros. The bill for the crutches will supposedly come in the mail from a separate company.

Then we headed to the pharmacy (apothecary).

Since we hadn’t had enough excitement that evening, our taxi driver rear-ended another car on our way to get Mom drugs.

The car she bumped didn’t stop, and that ticked her off.

So then we had a car chase.

She finally got them stopped. We observed a strict talking to being delivered to the older white male driver of the car in front.

When our driver got back in the car she said he’d been drinking and that why he didn’t stop.

Then to the pharmacy where we knocked on the glass until the pharmacist appeared, filled the ‘scrips, then we finally made our way home.

Mom was great with the crutches and by the next morning when we headed off for our “Sound Of Music” tour, she was back to walking without pain.

It was a thankfully brief adventure, but we were impressed and grateful for the care.

The kids have enjoyed the crutches.