The Final Home

The Final Home

Seeing each new home is an excitement that is repeated over and over when we are on one of these adventures. We had high hopes for the Salzburg apartment, and it has been a good final home to wrap up our trip.

There’s a restaurant on the first floor, but we all fell asleep easily on the first night with the windows wide open and the gentle laughter drifting up from two floors below.

The entrance door for the apartments was on the right. Restaurant on the left.

Looking down from one of the bedrooms into the restaurant’s courtyard.

Photo above is standing in the door from the stairwell outside the apartment.

Straight ahead is Buds sitting on the couch in the kitchen. Buster is in a comfy chair in the entryway.

The doorway on the back right is to Mom and Monkey’s bedroom.

Door to the immediate left is the shower/laundry room. Far left is one of those crazy toilet rooms.

Doorway to the bedroom for the other four family members is to the immediate right, not visible in this picture above, but shown below.

The bedroom where four of us snoozed.

Buster loved this picture from our bedroom because he thought it looked like a monster:

Holding a family meeting in that bedroom:

Mom and Monkey’s room:

They had a glorious stove/furnace in their room. The fan was more useful to us, but would be great in Winter.

The kitchen, which served us well:

Toilet room:

I neglected to take a picture of the shower/laundry room.

The shower didn’t leak. It had good water pressure, and the shower head didn’t fall off the wall. We were happy.

Looking from the kitchen door back toward the entry door.

We had difficulty figuring out local transportation, but once we got that sorted, this apartment was an excellent location.

And we all agreed these were the most comfortable beds of the whole trip.

Add in two fans, cooler weather and a grocery store five blocks away, we were destined for a comfortable time here.