Let's Go Walkabout

Let's Go Walkabout

Buds discovered a “free” tour for us on Thursday night here in Vienna so after our late lunch, Buds, his parents, and I headed down to the Helmut-Zilk-Platz next to the Monument Against War and Fascism.

On the metro on the way there, I had the chance to make a new little friend. He really wanted to squeeze my nose, but we compromised with my finger.

Our tour was led by Anna of Anna Loves Vienna tours. She was a charming, interesting guide, and we had a full two hours + of information and insights.

Waiting to get started:

Buddie’s mom is normally smiling, but this looked like a very “modelly”pose to me so I put it in.

We wandered all over Central Vienna, district #1.

We learned a great deal, and I trust Buds and his parents will add in information in the comments.

We saw the stable for the Lipizzaner Stallions from the Spanish Riding School.

We learned much about the Hapsburgs and Sisi.

We walked through areas Buds had not seen before, which was wonderful to share.

The monument above was a thank you from Leopold to God for ending the plague. The horrifying figure at the bottom is the plague.

Anna gave us much new information about St Stephens Cathedral that Buds and I stored up like squirrels with nuts to share with the children.

And when we returned home, those very same children were having a raucous good time playing “Heads Up.”

Another very full day.