Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz

We’ve added Buddie’s parents to the mix, so the apartment in Vienna feels like a luxurious wonder. We’ve got four bedrooms, so a little space to spread out, and most gratefully, three fans!

We’re in a quiet neighborhood in an old building on the second floor:

Looking at our entry door from the inside.

What would generally just be the entryway but the space has become our living room since most of us can fit at once.

The door to the right of the entryway, Buddie’s parent’s bedroom. Based upon the chandelier, this was probably a common room at a previous time.

The room straight in from the front door. Mom’s room on this trip

The room second from the right from the entrance. Four of us are sleeping in here. Thank God for fans.

Buds and I in the bed, Buster on the floor, Yessa on a daybed.

The hallway to the left of the entrance door in the picture above. First door on the right of the shower/tub/laundry room.

This is the rather odd toilet room above.

Kitchen pictures below:

Zoe’s room off the kitchen below:

Looking down back toward the front door from the kitchen door.

You can see the toilet room door handle on the left side.

Having a washing machine, drying racks, a well-supplied kitchen, and fans has been a huge blessing.

The location is also superb. No smoke can waft in the window, the neighborhood is quiet, and it’s easy to walk to the grocery store.

We’ll be very happy here.