Little Bits

Little Bits

As always on these adventures there are things we notice that are interesting, but not necessarily worthy of a full post.

(You might be thinking, “That’s never stopped her before.)

This post is about random odds and ends we’ve noticed here.

1) At Miniature Wonderland they had lock boxes with all the various charger plugs people might need.

Phone low on power? Charge it up!

2) This soda name was cracking me up:

3) #45 not well loved here:

4) For my birthday, Yessa chose the sweetest most miniature, ready to transport souvenirs:

This one came packed in a tiny box the size of match box.

Yessa for scale.

And another tiny matchbox with a wooden Hamburg inside:

5) My birthday treats:

6) Italy had an aisle of olive oils, Germany has her muesli:

7) An indoor hammock makes any home better:

8) And finally, a bunny train picture for a beloved niece: