On the Move!

On the Move!

There were several announcements… in German… to update us on the lack of information on why we weren’t moving. And the lovely white German woman sitting behind me would interpet for me each time.

The last time was great news. But I couldn’t tell that it was great news until she told me. The conductor’s tone was so sad.

We’re being rerouted to a different Berlin train station about ten minutes to the north of the main station.

We’ll see what happens when we get there, but as long as we get to Berlin all is well.

Then, after that update, another young kind white German woman popped over to show me a form we could complete to get compensation of 50% back of our cost for each ticket.

We saw several more stumble stone today, and I’ve been pondering the plight of folks crossing a world that spoke a different language or for whom the world sent a message that there was no place for them.

There have been so many times already on this journey where a stranger stepped in to offer us support and comfort and information. They didn’t have to. There’s nothing in it for them other than the glow of kindness.

How grateful I am, and how much I hope I would/will have chosen kindness and courage, even if it has a cost.