We're On A Bus.

We're On A Bus.

We rode Bus 111 from a stop about six blocks away from our apartment right to the Maritime Museum yesterday.

On our way

On the ride there we couldn’t figure out how to buy a ticket, so we just didn’t.

On the way home, I stepped on the front of the bus by the driver and had a delightful exchange. The driver had more English than I’ve got German, and we both had fingers, which are very helpful for numbers. But most importantly, I’ve got a Monkey.

The driver and I were both determined to get the ticket cost correct, which meant explaining how many children, adults, and a senior. He also had to understand where we were going and if that was our final stop or if we needed to use the metro or other buses that day.

We tried to figure it out just the two of us, but I had to call in the red-headed wonder.

It has been stunningly fascinating to watch her jump in to save me, AND to hear this German pour out of her mouth. It seems so effortless.

But it’s not just the German. It’s the glory of having her step in to help and protect me.

For the initial ticket purchase, I called her up. After we had paid, a few stops in, the driver called me up again. Monkey followed along because she knew I would need her. I loved it.

That wonderful bus driver, he wanted to explain to us about the family pass. For 12 euros, he explained, we six could ride any bus or any metro from 9 a.m. until 6 a.m. the next day. Such a great deal!

Buds already knew about the family pass, but I loved that the driver was making the time and effort to help and explain it to us.

I also recognized a habit in the driver that I had previously heard in Simon from the train. I’m interested to listen for it in other German speakers who aren’t fluent in English.

It’s a pattern of saying, “Yes, yes,” in an encouraging way to let me know they are understanding what I’m saying and want me to continue.

It’s amazing how much that little verbal tick supports the conversation as we are bumbling our way toward understanding. It makes me feel like our exchange is worth their time and effort.

I’ve been grateful for that.