Second Train Caught

Second Train Caught

With only five minutes to catch our connection, we made it on the next train with three minutes to spare.

It was a mass human movement process with everyone seemingly intent on catching this next train.

Fascinating study in family dynamics: Yessa, Grandma, and I were parked by the exit door two stops before our exit so Yessa and I could form a human blockade to be sure Grandma didn’t get jostled upon exiting.

She’s ready.

Buster gravitated between anxiety and calm as we neared our stop.

The other two moseyed on down; just in time management.

At our base, we are who we are.

We’re on this current train for a little over an hour with four minutes to make our last connection. We may have to set a new land speed record for ourselves.

It gives me confort to know the last train ride is only 15 minutes long, so at that point we are very close, and we’ll adjust as needed.

More excitement than I’ve had since yesterday when we almost got run over by a speeding bicycle.

My heart is getting a workout.