It's a BMW Welt and we're just living in it

It's a BMW Welt and we're just living in it

Buddie here. We came back from Munich’s Marienplatz with droopy heads and droopy moods. Takes more than one or two naps to recover from a cross Atlantic voyage. This gave Gin and I an opportunity to get out and explore.

We are almost in the suburbs here, the two nearby attractions are the site where the Olympics were held and the BMW motorworks plant. We headed out to check out both.

These round buildings are the BMW museum which was built in the 70s.

This alien artefact is BMW Welt which landed in 2007. This is where BMW buyers can pick up their new rides.

The museum was full of tech like this racing driver steering wheel superimposed with the description of what it does.

When I was in my 20s I thought BMWs were the coolest. But now I spend more time thinking about a future where no one has to drive and that sounds pretty good.

We did find these beauties though. This is a BMW 1600 (grey) and a BMW 2002 (orange). Both were available in the late 1960s.

I believe the 2002 was a car my parents picked up when they are in Munich have to the Peace Corps.

After the museum we had a limp German coffee and walked over to see Olympiadorf. It’s a conversion of the Olympic Village into student housing. The students are allowed to paint the outside of the buildings and there are some very cool murals.

Finally we flew home like a pair of fliedermausen to find our crew still mostly asleep.