An IKEA Farmhouse Kitchen that Lives Under the Sicilian Sun

An IKEA Farmhouse Kitchen that Lives Under the Sicilian Sun

In a splendid twist, a blog post was written about us by someone else!

A few months back the owner of the design firm that we used when planning the kitchen remodel reached out to ask how we felt about their services. I told him we had loved them, and suggested he read the blog posts about the remodel to see how things worked out.

And then we never heard from him again.

But then, a couple weeks ago, a writer reached out asking if they could do a write up about the kitchen. The owner had read the blog, and liked what he saw in the kitchen remodel outcome. Since Buds was the one who dealt with the IKD designer, he’s the one who gave the interview and visited with the writer.

It’s always fun to hear an outsider’s perspective on your decisions, and the journalist presents us in a sane, respectful light, and it even sounds like we have some creative vision, so big win all around.

If you can stand to read any more about our kitchen, here you go. Nashville’s Sicilian Kitchen

As a funny aside, the author reached out one last time for some before pictures of the kitchen “without people in them.”

Apparently they made an exception one time in agreeing to use pictures that had people in them, and that only reinforced their decision to NEVER use pictures with people in them ever again.

Interesting story there.

And oh, that kitchen in Sicily…