"Free" Airline Miles

"Free" Airline Miles

We hope to finance many of our flight and train tickets using the miles we earn on our credit cards. We pay the cards off every month, so we put everything we can on them. We’re saved up about 160,000 miles so far.

The card I use most frequently is the Chase Sapphire Preferred. We applied for the cards when they were running a deal I learned about from Chris Guillebeau on his Travel Hacking Site. Mia and I read his “A Brief Guide To World Domination” many years ago, which lead to us taking over the Religious Exploration Committee at church, but that’s a different story.

There are two reasons I’m writing this spam-sounding post.

First, I sincerely hope that most of you who regularly read this blog will plan to join us for a week or two in at least one of the countries we will visit over the next several years. I hope you have already known that. A carefully selected credit card may be part of your plans to finance that trip.

Second, Chase is running a decent deal right now for the Sapphire Preferred card, and it would benefit both you and us. If you spend $4,000 in the first three months of opening the card, you’ll get 40,000 bonus points. In addition, for each person that signs up for the card using the referral link you’ll be sent, we’ll receive 5,000 bonus points on our card.

Full disclosure: Chase will randomly run a deal for 50,000 bonus points with a set spend amount in the first three months. I think ours was only $3,000. So, this deal isn’t as good as that one, but we both still benefit.

Signing up for the travel hacker emails is a fantastic way to learn about these types of deals when they come up.

So, if you are at all interested in a new credit card, please send me an email to let me know, and I’ll send you the link.

If you aren’t at all interested in a new credit card, send me an email to let me know something joyful and interesting that is going on in your life.

No matter what, we all win.

Happy travels, Dear Ones.

Courtesy wiki.teamfortress.com
Courtesy wiki.teamfortress.com

It’s a great deal for…YOU!