Twelfth Ireland Post: The Pox?

Twelfth Ireland Post: The Pox?

No trip is memorable without a few wrinkles and twists and bits of potential drama to keep things exciting.

Now that the potential drama has subsided, it seems like a fun memory to remind ourselves of in future years.

Last week, Yessa had a few spots on her arm. They were very itchy, but she slept fine.

The next day, it seemed to me that there were more spots, and they were itchier. De had very kindly left me instructions on how to get to the closest pharmacy. In Ireland, the first stop is always the pharmacist before a physician.

Yessa and I popped down to speak to the very helpful women there, and we had an interesting conversation:

“They could be bug bites, but they look a lot like Chicken Pox.”

Now, it is unusual for someone who has been vaccinated to get Chicken Pox, but it certainly can happen. We had just been on a plane with a whole host of people, breathing re-circulating air for 7 hours. She had had a fever a couple days before the spots appeared, another potential indicator.

We took ourselves home with some anti-itch medicine and instructions on what to watch for and what the options were if it was The Pox. Twelve hours/one night’s sleep would tell us the story.

She awakened the next morning, fit as a fiddle, and after a night with no scratching of the buggy spots, they were much, much better.

Exciting for all of us, and I’d already been coming up with the alternate game plan in my head, but boy were we grateful we didn’t have to activate Plan B!

What's Up Doc?
What’s Up Doc?