Vermont Fun-Part 1

Vermont Fun-Part 1

The kids and I headed to Vermont on Wednesday of last week. The goal was to spend time with cousins, help make maple syrup, play in the snow, if mud season hadn’t already settled in, visit Uncle Tony and Aunt Liz’s new house, and for me to get to snuggle new cousin Juliette.

We were mostly successful on all counts.

The drive up was quick and easy. We stopped to look for some new pants for all three children. Found some for the girls, which was very exciting for them. Monkey looks so grown up in one of her new outfits.

First pair of jeans…ever…

We arrived at Uncle Scott and Aunt Rebecca’s just as Megan was getting off the bus, so perfect timing. Hours of playing and dinner together followed.

Miles as a kitty in a basket.
Yessa was thrilled to be with Cousin Megan again.
Construction Time
Buster was so excited to play “Jurassic Park” again.
Two cousins and Ninja Boy

Since the kids and I left home at 3:45 a.m., we said a loving goodnight to cousins, and headed to Nonni and Poppi’s for a good, long rest.