Anatomy Of A Haircut

Anatomy Of A Haircut

Monkey has been asking me to cut her hair for awhile, and with Buds and me heading out of town for the weekend, and Monkey acting as one of the child demonstrators for the CrossFit Kids Certification training this weekend, it didn’t seem fair to her or the Little Mother to leave them to deal with the tangled nest her hair had become.

When I cut her hair, I always check out the same book from the library:

The book

It’s clearly written, simple drawings, works great for the no-nonsense hair cuts we do at our house.

Then I realized I could rid myself of the stall tactic of having to get the book from the library. I can make myself a tutorial for the next time I need to cut anyone’s hair. Well, Yessa and Monkey’s, anyway. Buddie seems to have taken over the job of keeping the Buster’s hair under some semblance of control. I’m good with that.

So, here’s our step-by-step process for cutting a single-length bob, which tends to be Monkey’s preference.

The back…before

Divide the hair into 4 even sections:

I only have 3 hair clips, so grabbed a fridge magnet to sub in. (I crack myself up with things like this.)
Four sections

Take the clip out of section 1 and divide it in half horizontally, clipping the top half back up. Have your victim sit with her chin down to ensure a straight cut.

Sections 1 + 2
Half of section 1

Do the same with section 2.

Section 1 and 2 divided in half, ready for the first cuts to make the “guideline.”

Cut across the hair at the desired length. This becomes your “guideline” where all the other hair will be cut to.

After cutting the 1/2 of each section 1 and 2, unclip the rest of section 1 and cut it to the guideline.

The rest of section 1, ready to cut.
Then do the same with section 2.

Voila, back half of hair all cut.

Now, to cut the front and finish the job.

Remove the clip from section 3 and divide in half.

Section 3 unfurled. Section 4 has already been cut in this shot. (I can never totally follow directions.)
This would have made a groovy haircut.

After all 4 sections have been cut to the desired length, comb it all over and check for any stray hairs. Make sure the sides are even, brush off the neck, and congratulate victim and barber on a job well done.

How’s that feel?
“It tickles my neck.”
So very, very copper.
The partial pile
Sweet, sweet face…and no more knots.

While Monkey and I were playing barbershop, the littles were out front, bundled up on the cold and sunny day.

Now to clean the house to get ready for L.M.’s visit! Another great weekend ahead.