Get A Grip

Get A Grip

The children all worked on their end of year testing today, which is always fun for us. They like this different style of learning, and they all feel good about showing what they know. I like it because it gives me some quiet, focused time with each child, which I also love.

As Yessa was working on her test today, I really looked at her pencil grip.

All through elementary school I had teachers attempting to correct my grip. It was much too tight and my hand would get tired. Plus, I think it just looked odd to my adults, and I ended up with a funny little spot on my right hand where all the skin was smooth and flat from the pencil always resting against it.

But, being me, the grip stayed the same over all the years. And was probably a point of pride that I had a grip so different from everyone else.

And here’s my girl, sporting the same look on her 6 year old hand.

Love this sweet little hand.
Keeping it in the family.

Funny little connections that make up a family.

Have a gripping day.