A Final Tea Ceremony

A Final Tea Ceremony

Monkey was off for the day with friends, but The Buster, Yessa, and I had Nonni for one final morning, and since it was a Tea Time Tuesday, we took advantage of her tea expertise, and had a semi-realistic tea ceremony.

The making of the tea.
Z and N prepared our tea table.
Ceremonial garb
The peaceful ninja
L.M. explains the rituals of the ceremony: the red and white clothes, the order of being served the sweets and tea, and the beauty of the process.
Being served the deliciousness.
Pumpkin muffins aren’t traditional to a Japanese Ceremony, but they added that little extra something.

The tea ceremony added a wonderful closing to an excellent visit.

And we were greeted by this tree as we drove to the airport.

All of Reston wanted Nonni to have a big send off.