Nonni Visits and Japanese Lessons

Nonni Visits and Japanese Lessons

Buddie’s Mom came down to spend a couple days with the Virginia Grands, and a grand time was had by all. She had offered to bring supplies for a country lesson, and Japan came up as the winning country.

When I mentioned this to Aunt A., she suggested we find a time when all the cousins could take part, and then had the even better idea of making sushi and ordering Japanese food as part of the country exploration.

Nonni started with some geography info., and then moved on to making Japanese symbols.

Where is Japan?
Confusing to learn, but fun to make: Japanese writing
Light strokes, and sometimes fading, lots of nuances to this writing.

Then she shared some Japanese games:

Crab walking at CrossFit, not sure what the Japanese name is.

Nonni brought a kimono for the children to try on, then it was time to roll up some sushi.

The kimono looks good.
Trying to look peaceful.
Ahh, there’s the true Monkey we know and love.
Dad and Mom try to help, but we weren’t actually needed. There’s a metaphor there.
She made the most cram-packed sushi rolls you’ve ever seen, and they turned out great!
Making a plan.
Roll ’em…
Such pretty little slices.
Dad tries to help another one.
Japanese pita chips.
Tastes delicious!

The great thing was, or one of the great things, was that Nonni was so open to letting the children pick and choose what they wanted to focus on or dive deeper into. The Buster was interested in parts and bits. The girls were more driven both by some of the different activities, but also by the focused time with Grandma. Everyone took away different parts, which is just how it should be.