A Peaceful Moment Brings A Moment of Peace

A Peaceful Moment Brings A Moment of Peace

In general, I completely hide any concerns I have about homeschooling from everyone except Buds. Homeschoolers have all either had the same concerns, or, if they haven’t, they’d still know all the right things to say to make me feel better. That isn’t necessarily what I’m looking for.

Non-homeschoolers, or anyone who doesn’t agree with homeschooling, is looking for any reason to have their own beliefs confirmed, and I don’t want to invite that energy into my life. I can think of any and all downfalls on my own, thank you very much.

That being said, because I do have worries sometimes, I am eternally grateful for those moments that make crystal clear the beauty of this life we have chosen to live with these children whom the universe has given into our care. Or, as we tell the children, they chose us from Heaven, and I like when good things happen that confirm they made a good decision.

Tea Time Tuesday today brought one of those moments of peace.

We were all gathered around the table, each person with a book of poetry to read from. Zoe and I had created some experimental treats. (That was not a total win, but we like to experiment.)

Hearing the children read poetry out loud, and watching Yessa act out the scenes from the poetry book, made me so grateful.

It was a good, good morning.

The experimental treats
Yessa “reads” Zachary’s Baby Book.
Candles for ambience.
The Buster loves reading poetry. (Glasses missing in this shot.)