We made the cut!!

We made the cut!!

I think I overdid it:

Little Lord Fauntleroy

But, it really was time:

Sheepdog or boy? Who can tell...
Sam The Sheepdog...or Zachary, as we call him.

In my own future defense when the kids are teasing me about the home-grown haircuts, The Buster hates the feel of the hair tickling his cheeks when I comb it down for trimming, so he had his shirt under his bangs, being held up by both his hands. Hence, I had to hold the hair out away from his face to be sure I didn’t cut his hands.

Yeah, that’s it. It was not trimmer error.

And at least I knew enough not to look at him after I cut it and say, “Uh oh,” as Buds did the time he cuts my bangs nearly to the hair line.

Home-grown cuts go way back in our family…