Jewelry and Clothes

Jewelry and Clothes

Noa was immediately drawn to Mom’s jewelry cabinet. Mom immediately offered to let Noa take the whole cabinet, and the vast majority of its contents, home with her.

I immediately shook my head “NO!”

So, Yessa just settled in to look in each every box and drawer the magical jewelry cabinet had to offer. She picked out a gazillion “beeeuuutttiful” necklaces and rings, many of which were mine from my childhood, and she’s been wearing a balloon necklace most days here.

Zoe, too, picked out a peridot necklace, but it felt too short for her, so I have been wearing it.

Jewelry is not a big part of our lives out in VA. I wear 2 rings, and I like to have one necklace I’m devoted to. I wear it until it breaks. Then I pine for a new necklace until one makes it way into my life somehow.

I think (fear) my girls are going to be different. Not just about jewelry, but branching over into clothes, too. For me, clothes are for wearing. The vast majority of my clothes are: A) From garage sales; B) From Gina; C) Clothes I was forced to buy due to changing body size/shape.

Both of the girls are really selective about their clothes. For Monkey it is a lot about how the clothes feel, but for Yessa there is some underpinning of feel and look that she is always looking for. She has to wear pants, shorts, or a skort, all the time. With a dress, with a nightgown, it doesn’t matter, must have bottoms on.

The interesting thing is that Yessa has always just worn Monkey’s clothes, which suited me well. Many of those clothes came from Gina, who has great taste in clothes, so my children were always well dressed.

Well, Monkey is slowing down in growth right now, while Yessa is spurting, so the clothes cross-over is slowing down. Just had to go get Yessa size 8 unners. I realized with Monkey we just went from 6 to 10, because she grew like a weed around that time. We didn’t ever buy size 8 for her.

This is the long way of pointing out to the future me that the odds of me being of service to the girls in the fashion realm are so numbered.

The Buster is also tough, but in a different way. For him, it’s all about texture and feel of the clothes. He’ll wear most anything, as long as it feels right to him.

Oh, great news. I hate shopping for clothes in a store as much for my children as I do for myself.
I introduced the girls to the joy of garage sales today. I sure hope they catch that bug. Got some great clothes for all of us (except Buds…he’s on his own.)

The girls and necklaces