Disney Day #1

Disney Day #1

Our vacation actually started with our arrival at Matt and April’s on Thursday late afternoon, but they deserve a post all their own.  Since we’ll be going back there after Disney, I’ll save that for a complete story about them later.  Obviously, we had a fantastic time with them.

Friday afternoon, we headed down to the Disney House in Kissimmee, Florida, arriving around 3:30.  The cleaning people were still working on the house, so we frolicked in the community pool for awhile, then returned to the house.  The children were ready to jump into the pool at the house, and since the water was toasty warm, it was perfect.

I headed to the grocery store while Buds and crew played, then we settled in for the night.  Zachy and Noa in one big bed, Zoe in a twin bed snuggled in by herself.  She has started down the Harry Potter path, thanks to Alex.  She stayed up very late to complete the Second Book, having ripped through the first one in a day and a half.

Saturday morning we headed over to Epcot at 8:50, arriving at the park, and heading right in.  We rode Spaceship Earth, which the kids loved.  The children sat in front of Buds and me in the car, Yessa holding my hand the entire time.  When you come around the corner into the huge center room with the huge Earth illuminating the sky, Noa said, “The Earth is beautiful.”  I loved that moment.

After Spaceship Earth we played some of the electronic games.  Buds laughed over the dated predictions of the computer ideas in Spaceship Earth.

Then we rode Test Track, which all the children loved.  It was fast and crazy, and got many laughs.  They would definitely do that again.

We had gotten Fast Passes for Soarin’, which everyone adored.  Well, everyone except me.  Noa had to hold my hand to reassure me.

As we were walking into Soarin’, Judy and Rick Galliher and their boys, were walking out.  It was a pleasant surprise to see them.

After Soarin’, we headed back to the house to greet and play with Cousins upon their arrival to the Disney House.  Everyone piled into the pool to splash and play, and about 3:30 we headed back over to Epcot for a couple more hours.

Took the cousins on Starship Earth, then while the cousins and Dad and Monkey went on Soarin’ again, Buster and Yessa and I did a boat ride that took us into the back area at Epcot to see the botanical garden, growing area.  It was very cool.

The line for Spaceship Earth

Zoe suggested we investigate the Epcot Character Spot, which meant pictures with Micky, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy, all in one spot.

Waiting in line, watching old Disney cartoons while we waited for character pictures.
Yessa is obviously "thrilled" to be in this picture.
Luckily we got one with her in it because...
Pluto tried to be all friendly and loving to her in the next spot, and that was a huge fail.
She was done with the freaky characters for the rest of the vacation.
Even Dad getting a hug was not going to make a difference.
A shot with Minnie
Shots with Donald. Buds is feeling totally like he wants to "Pull a Yessa," and get out of these pictures.
Another shot with Donald
A chance for me to jump in with Goofy, and we were done.

One last ride on Starship Earth.

Then, back home to relax, and Day One Disney was done.