Yessa's First Tooth Gone!

Yessa's First Tooth Gone!

Yessa had been talking about having a loose tooth for awhile, but she finally asked me to wiggle the tooth, and it was reallly loose.  She was only 4 at the time, so it was pretty unexpected!

At first she was very excited about losing a tooth, and being a big kid.  Then, as night drew near, and we snuggled in her bed together, she began to fret.

“What happens if I lose it at night?”

“Will it hurt?”

“Will it bleed?”

“I don’t want to lose my tooth, Mommy.”

Then some tears.

I cuddled and reassured her as best I could, but like more and more things as the children age, I can be with them in their sorrow and fear and illness…and joy…but I cannot protect them, nor should I, from these things.

The next day, November 4, she was playing in the living room, suddenly turned to me and said, “My tooth is gone, Mommy!”

And that was it;  No blood, no tears, and no tooth, but much excitement.  She was very relieved, though we did have a laugh about it probably having been swallowed, and no way were we going to try and find it!