Grandparents to Massadoah

Grandparents to Massadoah

Grandma and Grandpa Vermont joined us in the Massadoah adventure a couple weeks ago.  It was such a treat to take them out there so now they have a mental image of it when we tell them we’ve been out there.  They loved it, too.

We got in some great tubing on both days of the weekend we were out there, including being joined by Uncle Z and the two big cousins!

Zachary explaining some intricacy of Legend of Zelda or Minecraft to Grandpa.  The Buster often has to be touching the person he’s talking to.  He likes that physical connection.

The little ones and I played in the river while we waited for Monkey, Nonni, and Buds to come floating down the river.

Nonni and Buds float and laugh.
We almost lost Grandma down the river due to suction tube butt.
Jewel berries were ripe and delicious.
Several games were played.
S'mores were eaten...
Swords were wielded...
And it was another time of golden memories out in The Valley.