Back Where I Belong.

Back Where I Belong.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I’ve written here.  It has been many, many months, and they coincide with the auction at church.  The auction is over, and a great time was had by pretty much all.

And now I get to settle back into my regular life, which includes being with the children both physically and mentally, and I’m so grateful.

The auction largely takes over my life from approx. September-early March, and it becomes a full family activity.  Zoe is tired of the auction by about November, largely because she is the child that most recognizes my difficulty in leaving tasks half-finished, and turning to something new.  This year I chaired the auction alone, by choice, and that won’t be happening again, so this next year will be that much easier.

But, regardless, the auction is through for this year, and the children and I are back to our regularly scheduled lives which is bringing me even more joy than it regularly does.

Get ready for regular updates on our Adventure Days!