Colorado: Part II

Colorado:  Part II

We have a definite winner in the coffee house wars.  We finally tried “The Cup” today, and though they made prettier pictures on the drinks, including Buddie’s first cappuccino picture:

they failed the flavor test in a big way.  The Laughing Goat is our coffee place from here on out.

For breakfast, we walked down to Lucile’s Creole Cafe, and Yelp did not lie!  We had beignets, a New Orleans donut “pillow” that was delicious.  Then, we ordered two full-size breakfasts, and a liter of fresh-squeezed orange juice.  Great o.j., my breakfast of Hank’s eggs, which is a huge pile of potatoes, eggs, cheese, cooked with a beautiful crust, and we added the homemade ketchup at the table to make it perfect.  Buddie had sausage gravy and Lucile’s famous biscuits, as well as grits and red beans and sausage.  The grits weren’t our style, but the rest was great.  We’ll be returning here, although we won’t ever order a full-size again.  We’ve got tomorrow’s breakfast sitting in the fridge, ready to warm up.

On our walk to breakfast this morning, we watched a family on it’s way to take the two children to school:  Dad was jogging, Mom was biking, one son was biking, one son was skateboarding.  It largely summed up Boulder in my mind.  It’s a fascinating mix here of people out jogging, biking, hiking all over the place, intermixed with people smoking, homeless-looking, and wandering.  With the commitment to healthy food and living, it feels like the healthiest place to live on the planet.  As we walked around this morning Buds and I were talking about–though we are not outdoorsy types–how easily it becomes part of your life here.  We’ve walked nearly everywhere we’ve wanted to visit.  We’re planning our next hike for this afternoon, as well as being registered for a 4-miler tomorrow.  The apartment we are staying in brings the outdoors inside so effectively with all the open, large windows.  Plus, and this is huge–no humidity, and seemingly  no bugs.  Our apartment has no screens on the window and we’ve had one fly and one beetley bug inside.  Many of the restaurants where we’ve eaten have been totally open to the outdoors, even at night, not just outdoor seating, but big doors and windows thrown wide open with no screening or barrier to the outdoors at all.  It was the same feeling in Costa Rica, though that was tropically, and here it feels more deserty.

Buddie’s on a work call, and soon I’m off to do some present and clothes shopping, and then I’m getting my first mani/pedi EVER!  I know, I’m stunned that I’m going to do it, too.  Very much not my personality, but this place looks fun, and has non-chemical products available, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Buds was very encouraging, I expect because he wants to plan and dream about fantasy football without feeling guilty.

The news from Mom’s is also wonderful.  They had another good night, crossed another day off the calendar which is how the children are tracking our absence.  Another bedtime passed with no tears, and Mom got the pleasure, which is normally mine, of being snuggled in with the little ones, talking about their day.  And, when she suggested waffles for breakfast, all the little hands shot into the air.  Many amazing memories for all of us being made this week.