Highly Unlikely...

Highly Unlikely...

Zoe wanted to make up a game using the poker chips, but then she got distracted by some math videos the Buster was watching, so Noa and I made up a game instead.

The rules of the game were:

Pick two dice of two different colors to roll.  Each die had numbers and one pig on its sides.

If you rolled two numbers, you got to get that number of poker chips.

If you rolled a number and a pig, you took that number of chips from an opponent.

If you rolled two pigs, you had to put all your chips back in the poker chip case.

Noa and I were having a good time playing when Monkey decided to join the fun.

I quickly explained the rules and she said:

“It’s highly unlikely that you would roll two pigs.”

“That’s true, ” I said, “But how did you know that?”

“Well, because I’m smart, but also because…”

She then took me on a little walk through her brain, including a reminiscence of the night she and Grandma Vermont bested Dad, Uncle Zach, and Grandpa Vermont at poker.

Her reasoning was completely sound, and she showed great extrapolation skills.

I love when I get to see how their thinking works, these kids of ours.  Pretty amazing.