The Princess Extravaganza

The Princess Extravaganza

About 6 weeks ago now, Zoe said to me, “Mom, I’d like to have a party.”

I said, “Okay.”

We sent out an email to some of our favorite (local) Moms and Daughters, surveyed for best date, and found one that would work for all of them!  Yeah!  In addition, Grandma and Grandpa Vermont were going to be driving through on their way to their vacation adventure, so they’d get a chance to meet our friends, too.

Zoe and Noa and I had lots of discussions about what the day would look like, and it eventually morphed into The Princess Extravaganza, with a Three Muskateers sub-theme.

The day could not have been more perfect.  Ten of our favorite young ladies, most of their moms, and one sweet young boy spent a splendid afternoon together.

The girls arrived and were greeted with much excitement: 

and spent some time decorating the Princess Palace:

A battle scene from Barbie And The Three Muskateers was screened, to set up the girls for the intensity of their “Quest.”

(Friend Ady arrived after this picture was taken.)

After the girls had been properly trained to understand the extreme danger they would face, they had to solve a riddle to discover the hiding place of their secret gifts–Warrior Princess Swords!

After some fierce battles, which included locking Grandpa John in the garden shed,

the girls decorated their swords:  (What Warrior Princess Sword doesn’t have a few camels and jewels on it?!)

Then we shared some Princess Fare,

Played some more:

One last bonding moment for some of the moms (and Raffs)  (Jenny is missing from this photo because she was off caring for someone.):

And the Warrior Princesses headed home with Moms on their individuals quests.

Special mentions must be made:

John Gemignani and Jenny Rulli took most of these fantastic photos.  Laura Randers-Pehrson also took some fantastic photos, which I have not yet figured out how to load onto my computer.

My staunch sidekick, Jenny Rulli, helped with cleaning, decorating, baking, and planning for the Extravaganza.

All the moms stood for my bossiness as soon as they walked in the door and helped to pull together the snacks and activities.

Mia R-P provided much inspiration for the activities for the day.

And finally, Dearest Buds braved the day with Zachary and Aidan so that all the girls could be just girls together.

Thanks to all for a splendid day!