A Concerted Effort

A Concerted Effort

The Monkey and I attended an American Youth Philharmonic Concert at George Mason University last weekend.  It was very interesting to see high school age students playing these wonderful pieces of music.  The second piece played featured a guest pianist who was fun to watch.  Cool for me anyway.  Zoe lasted through the first movement of the second piece and then:

But she woke up during the intermission and remembered the announcement that there would be an “Instrument Petting Zoo” during the intermission.  She really wanted to try out a violin, so downstairs we trotted, and she had her chance:

She thought that was fun.

The last piece of music had four sections, and they were wonderful.  We both enjoyed them a great deal.

Plus, as always, it’s great to have time with just one child so I can really focus on that one little being.  And Buds had a good time with the little ones, so a lovely day all around.