Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Buds passed along a fascinating essay to me.  Here’s the original email he sent me:

From 1971, a critique of Sesame Street from The Atlantic.

Nonetheless, and in spite of all its successes, I feel very strongly that Sesame Street has aimed too low, has misunderstood the problem it is trying to cure, and will be a disappointment in the long run. I also feel that it has misunderstood the nature and underestimated the opportunities of its chief subject, the three R’s, and its medium, television; and therefore, that even what it sets out to do in the short run it does not do nearly as well as it might.

I came across this post in one of my regular blogs, and I guess we are supposed to think on this 40th anniversary; “Isn’t it funny that at one time people thought Sesame Street was a disappointment”.

But when you read it you’ll see that the critique is really on-point and raises lots of interesting questions that I think Sesame Street never really figured out.
Here’s another link to the article:  Sesame Street.
This article brought up something that fascinates me:  I read the article, recognizing the name of the author.  Buds read it, thought it was well written, and specifically searched out more information about the author, not recognizing the name, to learn more about him.   That questing spirit, and innate spirit of curiosity are one of the many wonderful things about Buds.